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Tier 3 Technology | Delivering White-Glove, Concierge IT for 15 Years

16 Years

Delivering White-Glove, Concierge IT

Tier 3 Technology | Our thirty-minute SLA means we work your tickets faster. Much faster.

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Tier 3 Technology | We close seventy percent of our tickets on first client interaction.


Tickets Closed on First Client Interaction

Tier 3 Services

Tier 3 Technology | Our Standard IT Support plan delivers white-glove, concierge support and 24/7 care.


Standard '24 is everything most organizations need. We provide all-inclusive support, so there are no surprise bills, no blaming other vendors — no issues. We become your IT department and help you build, maintain, and plan. We provide your organization with white-glove, concierge service and 24/7 support.

Tier 3 Technology | Our fully tailored Co-Managed IT Support delivers flexibility where you need it most.


Co-Managed '24 is our fully customizable solution for growing organizations with evolving IT needs. We’ll partner with your existing IT team and tailor our services and level of involvement to ensure a seamless and efficient partnership. We’ll work together to meet your organization’s unique IT requirements, expectations, and goals.

Tier 3 Technology | Security+ is our fully managed cybersecurity plan.


Security+ '24 is for organizations who need the proactive, hands-on oversight of a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) to protect their intellectual property, business processes, and their clients’ sensitive information. This layered, threat-hunting security plan allows organizations to focus on what matters and use their security-oriented mindset as a competitive advantage.

Tier 3 Technology | Our IT compliance services feature strict mechanisms, policies, and procedures.


Compliance '24 is for organizations with complex compliance requirements. We don’t believe in “close enough.” We’ll be by your side: line-by-line, word-by-word, letter-by-letter. From HIPAA to cyber insurance policy requirements, we’ll provide the tools, experience, and guidance you need to ensure your organization is top-down compliant.

Tier 3 Technology | A vCSO, or virtual Chief Security Officer, is a strategic, C-level addition to your organization.

vCSO '24

vCSO '24 is for growth-minded organizations that recognize the need to evolve with today’s heightened risk landscape. A virtual Chief Security Officer is a critical addition and key advisor to your leadership team. By providing strategic insight and guidance, we’ll help spearhead your organization’s transition from security-minded to security-centric.

TIER 3 TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS is a trusted Managed IT Services and Security Solutions provider for professional service businesses and state and local governments throughout the upper Midwest. We are passionately invested in the relationships we have with our clients.

Poor service has become the norm in the IT Support industry. We’re not built that way. We’re built around an idea. A belief. At Tier 3 Technology, we’re committed to a higher standard of IT Support. Awesome IT Support demands commitment, consistency, and an insatiable appetite for improvement.

Our commitment to quality over quantity is what separates us from our competitors. It defines who we are and drives every decision we make. It allows us to be selective in our partnerships and maintain high standards when recruiting talent. Most importantly, it creates the best possible experience for our clients.

The metric we value most will always be our client retention rate. We’re committed to industry-leading response times, white-glove service, and concierge cybersecurity solutions. Our core focus is simple: we’re passionate about providing the ultimate experience for our partners.

At Tier 3 Technology, we believe in a Higher Standard of IT Support. Our passion is and always will be the health, sustainability, and success of our most important assets: our relationships with our clients.

Tier 3 Technology | A Higher Standard of IT Support. Managed IT Services & Security Solutions.

Start the Conversation. Open communication and a shared vision are the foundations of a strong partnership, and we’re firm believers in culture fit. We’re eager to get to know you, discuss your vision and goals, and even provide you with a free 15-minute consultation. Think of this as the “interview” process: this is a chance for both of us to learn more, ask questions, and get to know each other.

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Tier 3 Technology has excellent response time and quick resolution of the problem.

Christy Cline KHI Solutions

They feel like part of our work family. They’re not just invested in our network, but in the growth of our firm and making sure that the system we use fosters that growth.

Kelly Beattie Beattie Law Firm

Tier 3 provides our company with outstanding service and would be an asset to any business considering an outside IT firm.

Adam Schoeppner Nilles Associates

They desire to both meet the need and meet the person through professional engagement and services. A special thanks to Tyler who always supports our team.

Leanna Simpson Agape Pregnancy Resource Center

They always get back to us right away and really work to understand things that are unique to us as a client. I would recommend them to any business looking for technology security or support.

Sarah Adams Iowa United Methodist Foundation