How Tier 3 Technology Solutions Started

Tier 3 Technology Solutions (Tier 3 for short) began with Jeff Robinson in 2007. A few years out of college and working his first full-time IT job for a small business in Des Moines, Jeff started working on computers as a side hustle. Before long, he became the go-to guy for all the employees, family, friends, and their family and friends when computer issues arose.

The market crash of 2008 happened, and many of the people Jeff went to school with working at large corporations were the first to get laid off. He was bothered considerably. Knowing that through no fault of their own, the economy tanks, and they are out. It was then that Jeff decided he wanted to turn his side business into a full-time business. “I wanted to be in control of my destiny. If I succeed or fail, it can likely be traced back to decisions I made or didn’t make. If I take care of our clients and help them like nobody else can or will, we will succeed like no one else can or will”. Another local business has the motto – motivation determines success. That does a pretty good job summing up entrepreneurship and something that Jeff has used as his own mission statement since.

Today, Tier 3 prides itself on not being just another IT company. Those are a dime a dozen. Instead, we take great care to form unbreakable relationships. We are blessed to say that most of our clients are lifers and are also our friends. Our team gets to know their teams and their families. We are partners helping each other reach new goals, celebrate new milestones, and are there for each other when we have setbacks.

Tier 3 Hires, Fires, and Rewards Based on These Core Values
Passionate about the brand, who we are, what we do, and how we do it.
Achieve With Precision
We are competitive, work hard, and deliver precision.
John T.
Full of integrity and honesty. We treat everyone with respect and have a good sense of humor.
Never Quit
We take initiative and never quit.
Evolve With Purpose
We continue learning and adapting with change.
We balance modesty and humility alongside confidence.

When we get the opportunity to work with a new prospect, we research them. We look at who they are, the people they serve, and the culture they have created. Our first call is a mutual screening to see, if what we are great at is something they value. If it appears we are a good fit for each other, we book the next steps. If not, we will pass a referral on to another IT company.

Our Mission is Simple

Tier 3 Technology helps our clients reach their goals, gain a competitive advantage, and eliminate frustrations through exceptional technical guidance, implementation, and support.

Our Niche

We help our clients achieve their goals by creating long-term trust-based relationships, fully understanding their vision, and how we can help get them there strategically utilizing technology investments. We produce and manage cost-effective, high security, high availability IT systems for professional service organizations and local governments in the upper Midwest with 10-250 employees.

Our Vision

To be the IT partner of choice for the top 20% of the professional service organizations in the upper Midwest, helping each other achieve our missions and empowering the communities we serve.

If you have worked with IT companies that don't value you or your organization and you associate with our values and mission, we would love an opportunity to partner with you. Take the first steps towards AWESOME I.T. today by booking a free consult.