Having a Chief Information Officer (CIO) can provide measurable business benefits through the optimal use of information technology. Tier 3 Technology Solutions improves business performance by helping companies use the right technology, in the right way for the right reasons. And, you don't have to hire a full-time CIO employee! Leveraging an Outsourced CIO can help you improve your business performance by getting the most out of your information technology investments. Most businesses with less than 250 employees may not require the services of a full-time CIO that is why we are here to help! We have a 3 Tiered Service Offering, please contact us at 515-724-7410 for more details.

Below are some of the ways in which we are able to optimize business performances:

Strategic Planning

  • Technology Assessment
  • Technology Acquisition
  • Policy and Standards
  • Operational Leadership
  • Security and Business Continuity
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Business Process Optimization
  • Technology Budgeting and Expenses
  • Program and Project Management

Partners with senior executive team to understand business strategy and goals

  • Formulates technology and operational strategy to fit business strategy
  • Proposes programs and projects to enable Execution
  • Works with senior management on program priorities and funding
  • Continuously researches technology market for products and services that show benefit potential
  • Evaluates technology proposals from business management
  • Provides recommendations to senior management for technology changes and upgrades and retirements
  • Obtains senior management approval for funding
  • Leads contract negotiation with technology suppliers
  • Ensures supplier agreements benefit the company
  • Due diligence oversight to ensure what is purchased is what is received
  • Develops and documents technology policy and standards
  • Makes policy and standards accessible to all users
  • Resolves questions, concerns and violations of policy
  • Updates policies as technology and business changes require

Develops management routines for technology operations

  • Establishes KPIs for critical areas
  • Establish service level agreements with suppliers
  • Monitors KPIs and implements remediation when necessary
  • Directs suppliers and other resources as necessary to maintain service levels

Develops information security strategy and associated policy

  • Implements routines and controls to ensure policy is enforced
  • Develops disaster recovery and business continuity plan
  • Discovers and models business architecture across process domain, data domain and technology domain
  • Creates blueprints of each domain and develops architecture evolution processes
  • Educates business and IT on how to leverage enterprise architecture to accelerate value creation in high change environments
  • Analyzes business process steps, roles, information needs and triggers
  • Connects business processes to supporting technology
  • Recommends business process improvements to senior management
  • Creates program and project scope, goals, milestones and objectives
  • Assigns resources
  • Monitors execution and status
  • Leads resolution for escalated issues
  • Reports progress to senior management
  • Negotiates changes to scope, schedule and budget where necessary

Using Outsourced CIO from Tier 3 Technology results in

  • Reductions in errors and delays
  • Optimized use of resources
  • Improved risk mitigation
  • Improved margins
  • Accelerated business growth

Tier 3 Technology Outsourced CIO customers get more out of their information technology investments

  • Improved responsiveness
  • Greater flexibility
  • Improved stability
  • Improved simplicity
  • Greater adaptability
  • Deeper understanding of opportunities and risks
  • Higher returns on information technology investment