Advanced Cybersecurity

A layered, threat-hunting approach that provides real-time visibility into security risks in your environment.


Security+ '23 is an advanced cybersecurity solution that gives you a holistic view of your environment for better protection of your networks, servers, users, and endpoints. At its core, Security+ '23 helps defend our clients against cybercrime, remote working risks, and a host of known and unknown threat vectors emerging daily.

The Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) industry is projected to boom in the next few years. There’s a logical reason behind this: cyberattacks are at an all-time high. Cybercriminals are more innovative than ever. As your business or organization grows, you’ll face more and more uncertainty—especially when you consider that the greatest risk to your data is often your own team members. Security+ is ideal for businesses that want more control over their security posture, more security-conscious team members, and the ability to leverage their security-oriented mindset as a competitive advantage within their industry. Simply put, partnering with an MSSP puts your business ahead of the curve and prepares you for what lies ahead.

Threat actors don’t discriminate when it comes to the size of your organization, either. More and more, cyber attackers are learning that it is far easier to attack David than it is to attack Goliath. A staggering 43% of all cyberattacks target small businesses—and only 14% of small businesses are prepared to defend themselves. Security+ is a proactive solution that helps secure businesses and organizations of all sizes, as well as state and local governments.

Our Cybersecurity Stack

We provide 24/7 protection by identifying anomalous behavior of users, suspicious activities, misconfigurations that firewalls may miss, and risks associated with internal vulnerabilities of systems.

We ensure that your computers and network equipment are continuously updated. Unpatched systems are still one of the most common ways threat actors exploit holes in hardware and software to spread ransomware, malware, and viruses. We’ll help guide your organization through implementing next-gen antivirus technology, two-factor authentication protocols, and security awareness training for your team members — all of which are critical weapons in the fight against increasingly innovative cyber attackers. We also provide real-time log analysis, access control, rights management, and password management.

Tier 3 Technology | Our Security+ plan features our layered, fully managed cybersecurity stack.

Layered security stacks are vital for protecting against increasing cyber risks. Security+ '23 includes ongoing, automated penetration testing, remediation of penetration test findings, Managed SIEM (Security Information and Event Management), Managed SOC (Security Operations Center), application whitelisting, and more.

The Right Tools In The Right Hands

Even the most expensive wrench is useless in the wrong hands. A quality MSSP understands that an effective cybersecurity stack is much more than a list of tools. Managing these overlapping tools is critical, as well as implementing processes and procedures that allow these tools to work together for maximum effect.

These tools are costly to purchase directly. Our Security+ plan offers implementation and oversight of these tools at a fraction of the price it would cost to invest in each of these tools. It is significantly more expensive to purchase these tools individually and very difficult to implement them without expert guidance.

But the true value of our Security+ plan lies in our unique ability to combine these cutting-edge security tools with the white-glove, concierge service that sets us apart from our competitors.

Cybercrime is still on the rise

Don’t let your organization become another statistic. Security+ '23 is an effective, around-the-clock cybersecurity solution that gives you peace of mind and allows you to focus on what matters: growing your business.

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