Overwatch - Security By Tier 3

The 2019 pandemic forced many organizations to embrace new business and technology practices, including remote working. With the widespread increase of the internet, online threats and risks of cyberattacks have also increased.

Cybercriminals are taking advantage of remote working and exploiting vulnerabilities in the employees' systems. There is little denying that home networks are less secure than business networks, and malicious actors are taking advantage of them. It is more important than ever that your IT support team is equipped to handle the increasing risks posed by opportunistic threat actors.

At Its Core, Overwatch Helps Defend Our Client's Against Cybercrime, The Increased Risks Of Cyberattacks, Remote Working Risk Management, And A Host Of Known And Unknown Threat Vectors Being Presented Each Day.

Overwatch | Help Defend Against Cybercrime

Overwatch Offering at a Glance

Overwatch is a fully managed cybersecurity solution that provides organizations end-to-end security for data, networks, servers, users, and end-points. This cybersecurity stack provides 24/7 protection by identifying anomalous behavior of users, suspicious activities, misconfigurations that firewalls may miss, and risks associated with internal vulnerabilities of systems.

This service is fully managed and helps organizations protect themselves from a wide range of threats. Layered security or security stacks are vital for protecting against increasing cyber risks.

A single solution is not enough to provide total protection. However, overlapped layers provide security efficiently, as other layers are present to block the attack if a threat successfully bypasses it. You need a cybersecurity package that includes core security services and protects your organization from main attack vectors.

Overwatch | Core Security Services In The Overwatch Offering