From nonprofits to local governments (and everything in between), we build long-term relationships with businesses and organizations who are as passionate about what they do as we are.

We believe that if you’re driven and focused, you deserve the same level of drive and focus from your IT Support and Cybersecurity partner.

Video Testimonials

Watch Tier 3 Technology clients discuss our White-Glove, Concierge IT Services & Security Solutions.

4 Paws Unleashed, Inc.

Tier 3 Technology Testimonials | 4 Paws Unleashed, Inc.

“And I really appreciate that ability to be able to just pick up the phone or send an email and it’s fixed within a few minutes. Again, it’s that peace of mind that if that computer crashes, you’re right back up and going again.”

Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart

Tier 3 Technology Testimonials | Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart

“They’re kind and don’t make us feel stupid, and they solve our problems, and they’re quick and we all love them.”

KHI Solutions

Tier 3 Technology Testimonials | KHI Solutions

“Now if something’s broken, we don’t care because we know Tier 3 has got us, and they’re going to figure out what it is. And it’s them calling and trying to figure out what’s going on and not us. And I can’t even tell you how much time that has saved us and how much we appreciate that because we were just running in circles with our other IT providers.”

Additional Testimonials

Tier 3 Technology has excellent response time and quick resolution of the problem.

Christy Cline KHI Solutions

They feel like part of our work family. They’re not just invested in our network, but in the growth of our firm and making sure that the system we use fosters that growth.

Kelly Beattie Beattie Law Firm

Tier 3 provides our company with outstanding service and would be an asset to any business considering an outside IT firm.

Adam Schoeppner Nilles Associates

They desire to both meet the need and meet the person through professional engagement and services. A special thanks to Tyler who always supports our team.

Leanna Simpson Agape Pregnancy Resource Center

They always get back to us right away and really work to understand things that are unique to us as a client. I would recommend them to any business looking for technology security or support.

Sarah Adams Iowa United Methodist Foundation

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