Virtual Chief Security Officer

With strategic analysis and expert guidance, a vCSO takes your organization’s security to the next level.

vCSO '23

Virtual Chief Security Officer

vCSO '23

Virtual Chief Security Officer

vCSO '23 is for growth-minded organizations that recognize the need to evolve with today’s heightened threat landscape.

A virtual Chief Security Officer (vCSO) is a C-level addition to your leadership team and is responsible for the strategic oversight of your organization’s security. A vCSO analyzes your risk and guides your organization through the methodology of uniting people, process, and technology into a top-down security-centric culture.

In today’s heightened and unpredictable threat landscape, it isn’t enough to want to be secure. Threat actors are more innovative, adaptable, and aggressive than ever. Just one successful attack can have devastating consequences, and attackers are working tirelessly to improve and refine their methods. A vCSO helps transform your organization into one that can repel these evolving techniques and mitigate the damage caused by attacks that do manage to get through.

In a security-centric culture, everything you do is about reducing risk. To execute this, you need leadership with the experience, expertise, and commitment to foster this type of culture.

vCSO '23 includes Control Mapping, Incident Response Planning, Disaster Recovery Planning, Tabletop Exercises, and Executive-Level Briefings, all of which are designed to help spearhead your organization’s transition from being security-minded to security-centric.

Uniting people, process, & technology.

vCSO. A virtual Chief Security Officer helps reduce risk in your organization.

Leveraging our insight into how threat actors target vulnerabilities, we analyze every piece of your organization’s infrastructure, from your overall philosophy down to the situational readiness of your individual departments. We then brief your leadership team and outline our findings. Next, we’ll coach you and your team on the steps you can implement to become a better-prepared, more secure unit.

vCSO. A virtual Chief Security Officer conducts tabletop exercises to test situation readiness.

Tabletop Exercises

The purpose of a tabletop exercise is to provide a clear, detailed picture of your organization’s situational readiness.

vCSO. A virtual Chief Security Officer helps ensure that you maintain stable and properly mapped controls.

Control Mapping

Stable and properly mapped controls are an essential part of risk management and compliance.

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